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3D Head Mounted Display gives surgeons a fresh dimension

The HMS-3000MT 3D Head Mounted Display gives surgeons a stereoscopic view of video images from endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras. The wearable display offers an extra dimension of perceived depth that conventional 2D images cannot provide.

3D Head Mounted Display gives surgeons a fresh dimension

Wearable 3D visualisation in the Operating Room

3D visualisation can give surgeons and OR staff a uniquely immersive view of intricate procedures inside the body. Unlike conventional 2D imaging, 3D images captured with a medical camera system create an impression of perceived depth that’s closer to the experience of natural viewing.

Sony’s HMS-3000MT Head Mounted Display System offers a stereoscopic colour video display of images captured with 3D surgical endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras and other compatible medical imaging devices. The system includes an image processor plus a headset that’s worn by the surgeon as they operate.

Smooth stereoscopic images

Independent OLED panels display two High Definition images for the user’s left and right eyes achieving no crosstalk.

The system’s improved ergonomics can also help with the wearer’s posture, avoiding the need to continually look up and down and readjust focus when switching attention between the camera image and a separate monitor display. In addition, the surgeon can freely look down while wearing the head mounted display for an unrestricted view of their hands and the immediate operating site.

Video images can be flipped or rotated, giving a more convenient viewpoint as desired. There’s also a range of additional display options, including Picture-in-Picture mode that allows simultaneous display of a secondary image in a smaller inset window.

The display is adjustable for more comfortable wear during extended operating periods. As an option, an additional headset can be connected to the control unit for simultaneous viewing by another surgeon or Operating Room assistant.

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