Sony Electronics släpper två helt nya kameror i serien Alpha 7C

Alpha 7CR med sensor på 61MPi för hög upplösning och Alpha 7C II med den senaste prestandan för stillbilder och video

Sony presenterar två nya tillskott i a7C-serien med kompakta fullformatskameror med utbytbara objektiv, Alpha 7C II och Alpha 7CR.

The Alpha 7C II is equipped with a full-frame image sensor with approximately 33.0 effective megapixels and features the latest still image and video functions and performance in a compact and lightweight design (approximately 12cm wide x 7cm high x 6cm deep and weighs approximately 513 grams). It is the second-generation version of the α7C series, which is celebrated for its combination of performance and features in a compact size, perfect for a wide range of shooting scenarios such as travel and street photography.

The Alpha 7CR is a new compact full-frame interchangeable lens camera, boasting the high-resolution and rich gradation performance of a full-size image sensor with approximately 61.0 effective megapixels, the same sensor found in the Alpha 7R V, incorporated into a compact and lightweight body (similar size and weight as the "Alpha 7C II"ii, approximately 513 grams). In addition to daily snapshots, it easily realises high-quality image capture in a wide variety of settings, such as portrait, wildlife, and landscape photography, realising the combination of extreme high-resolution image capture with mobility and light weight.

Both models are equipped with the same AI-processing unit and BIONZ XR® processors found in Sony’s newest interchangeable lens cameras such as the Alpha 7R V and Alpha 6700. Real-time Recognition AF recognises a wide variety of subjects with high accuracy, and 5-axis in-body image stabilisation provides a seven-step shooting advantage when capturing stills. In terms of video performance, both models support high-quality 4:2:2 10-bit video recording up to 4K60piii, and both models support Sony’s acclaimed S-Cinetone color science for rich cinematic video. In addition, they have Active Mode in-body image stabilisation, AI-based auto-framing, digital-audio interface support, and other features that support high-quality video shooting.

“At Sony, we are consistently upping the ante for content creators. With the launch of the Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7CR, we are allowing creators of both stills and videos to have a new tool in their kit that allows for high-quality image performance in mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras,” says Yann Salmon- Legagneur, Head of Imaging Products & Solutions Marketing, Sony Europe. ​

As the demand for sending and sharing captured content on social media networks has increased, more creators are looking for a combination of compact size and high imaging performance in mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. With the introduction of the Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7CR, which both achieve high mobility and high-quality image expression in a compact size, Sony responds to the wide range of content expressions sought by creators.

Main Features of the Alpha 7C II

  • Equipped with a full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R® CMOS sensor with approximately 33.0 effective megapixels and the latest BIONZ XR® image processing engine to achieve high imaging performance. For capturing either still images or movies, users can easily enjoy high-quality image capture in a wide range of scenes such as travel and daily snapshots.
  • Compared to the Alpha 7 IV which is approximately 13 cm x 9.6 cm x 8.1 cm and weighs approximately 698 grams, the Alpha 7C II is up to 22% lighter and has up to 45% less volume.
  • The standard ISO sensitivities range from 100 to 51200 for both still images and movies (expanded ISO 50 to 204800 for still images), enabling high-sensitivity, noise-free shooting.

Main Features of the Alpha 7CR

  • Equipped with a full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R® CMOS sensor with approximately 61.0 effective megapixels and the latest BIONZ XR® image processing engine to achieve high-resolution and high-definition imaging performance.
  • Compared to the Alpha 7R V which is approximately 13 cm x 9.9 cm x 8 cm and weighs approximately 725 grams, the Alpha 7CR is approximately 29% lighter and has approximately 53% less volume.
  • The standard ISO sensitivity ranges from 100 to 32000 for both still images and movies (expanded ISO 50 to 102400 for still images).
  • In addition to 7.0-stepiv optical 5-axis in-body image stabilisation, even slight blurring at the 1-pixel level is detected and corrected.
  • Equipped with a Pixel Shift Multi Shooting that takes multiple images and synthesises them on a PC to create an image with a sense of high resolution.
  • By combining with the grip extension GP-X2 included with the Alpha 7CRv, you can shoot comfortably with a stable hold even when shooting for long periods of time or using a telephoto lens.

Common Features of the Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7CR

1. Compact size and high mobility

Both models are easy to handle and easy to carry. Compact size (both models are approximately 12.4 cm wide x 7 cm high x 6.4 cm deep) and weighi approximately 513 grams for the Alpha 7C II and approximately 515 grams for the Alpha 7CR. When combined with the wide-angle zoom lens FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM II announced today, it achieves the excellent image expression and high-speed AF that are unique to the G Master™ with the brightness of F2.8 at full zoom range. The user can choose their favorite lens from Sony's extensive E-mount series of more than 70 and enjoy a variety of image expressions unique to full size in both still images and movies.

2. AF performance with improved subject recognition performance thanks to the built-in AI processing unit

Equipped with the same AI-processing unit as the α7R V, it recognises subjects with high accuracy with Real-time Recognition AF. For example, when taking a picture of a person, even if the person takes a complicated pose or their face is hidden, the pose estimation technology can be used to capture and track the subject with high accuracy. In addition to the existing people and animals of the α7C series, it is now possible to recognise birds, insects, cars, trains, and airplanes as subjects that can be recognized with the same high accuracy.

3) Advanced video performance

The Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7CR condense high-resolution and detailed video data equivalent to 7K and 6K, respectively, and can output high-quality 4K video. Equipped with S-Log3, which supports a wide latitude of 14+ stopsvi, it renders rich gradation with little overexposure and underexposure even in scenes with contrast. Also, in Log shooting mode, the LUT imported by the user can be displayed on the camera monitor image, allowing the user to shoot while checking the finished image in post-production. In addition, it is equipped with the S-Cinetone™, a unique Sony feature which can create a cinematic look straight out of the camera without post-processing. Based on Sony's Cinema Line technology, S-Cinetone delivers natural mid-tones that are essential to healthy-looking skin color to deliver cinematic quality. It also features Creative Look, which allows you to easily change the look and feel of video and still images.

4) Operability and connectivity

Equipped with a touch-operable vari-angle LCD monitor, intuitive operation with the latest touch menu supports comfortable shooting. In addition to the front dial that allows the user to assign their favorite functions, the still image/movie/S&Q switch dial, and an XGA high-resolution viewfinder, etc., it is easy to use. It is equipped with a 7.0-stepiv optical 5-axis in-body image stabilisation to support stable camera work.

In terms of connectivity, the camera is newly compatible with the smartphone application Creators' Appvii that easily uploads videos and still images taken with the camera to a cloud service, allowing remote camera operation and image transfer from the camera to mobile devices.

5) Designed with environmentally friendly principles in mind

Over the past 11 years, Sony has replaced approximately 395 tonnesviii of virgin plastic with recycled plastic in digital cameras and digital video cameras. Recycled materials, including SORPLAS™ix, are used for the camera body, reducing environmental impact without sacrificing functionality. In addition to being equipped with Sony’s Screen Reader functionx that reads menus and video playback screens aloud to assist operations, a new menu Magnify Display function has been added to support the creative activities of a variety of creators.

Pricing and Availability

The new Alpha 7C II will be available in or around September 2023 at a variety of Sony’s authorised dealers:

Camera only: SEK 29 500

Camera w/ 28-60mm lens: SEK 33 000

The new Alpha 7CR will be available in or around October 2023 at a variety of Sony’s authorised dealers:

Camera only: SEK 45 000

For detailed product information of the new Alpha 7C II, please visit:

For detailed product information of the new Alpha 7CR, please visit:

Product videos of the new Alpha 7CR and Alpha 7C II can be viewed here:

For images of A7CR, please visit:

For images of A7C II, please visit:

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i Approximate effective megapixels.

ii Weight includes battery and memory card.

iii Alpha 7C II:QFHD (3840×2160). 4K60p/50p recording is only available in Super 35mm mode. ALPHA 7CR: Angle of view is approx. 1.2x when shooting 4K 60/50p movies.

iv CIPA standard compliant, Pitch/Yaw direction, with FE 50 mm F1.2 GM attached, long exposure noise reduction off.

v Grip extension for the "Alpha 7C II" sold separately.

vi When shooting S-Log3. Sony internal measurement.

vii Check regional availability of services and applications.

viii According to Sony. Recycled materials used for product bodies and accessories from April 2012 to March 2023.

ix Depending on the time of production, SORPLAS™ may not be used for some parts.

x ​ Supported languages differ depending on the sales region.





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